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How to write a CV? - A few important tips

Are you planning to apply for a job, for a master's degree abroad, for a project or a scholarship? You need it for all this CV and Cover letter. In this text, we give you some important tips so that you know how to write a CV as successfully as possible

What is a CV really for?

The primary function of a CV is to attract attention of employer to take a closer look at your qualifications and your cover letter, and then invite you to job interview. In principle, the employer does not stay longer than 30 seconds on one CV. Therefore, it is necessary for the CV to show your advantages as concisely and as impressively as possible.

CV must to attract attention,
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Basic principles of CV

There are many versions of the CV, I don't know which one to choose?

Basically, whichever one you choose, your CV has to be representative because it is a lot representative? It is only necessary stick to a few principles:

  • CV must be concise and professional;
  • The CV must not have any stain, dot or anything else that would distract from your qualities;
  • Try to arrange the text on the entire page;
  • Always use same font, bullets styles, enumeration, etc .;
  • Don't use colors, underlined words (many people are bothered by these things, and they can distract the employer from your advantages);
  • Don’t use sentences, just list the facts;
  • Absolutely check the orthography (if you have made a mistake in the CV and the employer notices it, it will immediately draw his attention to your much more important characteristics);
  • Avoid Times New Roman. According to research, many employers mind this font.

You have the possibility on platform Europass to make a CV directly.

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Basic parts of the CV

Each CV should contain several basic parts. In principle, these are the things that say the most about you:

  • Personal data,
  • Picture (optional)
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Knowledge of foreign languages (you can also specify certificates if you have them),
  • Computer skills (you can also specify certificates if you have them),
  • Optional (awards and recognition, recommendations).

But I have no work experience…

How do I write a CV if I have no work experience? By no means write that you have no work experience even though you have not worked anywhere. Work experience doesn’t just mean jobs when you’re registered or working eight hours somewhere. You must have had some practical classes during your studies, worked with information technologies, on a seasonal job, in a student organization, etc. If you do not have any of this, you can volunteer in an organization or participate in a project. If you state that you worked during your studies, it shows that you are an ambitious person.

Something else …

Don’t lie in your CV in any way. Everything you write that you know how to do, the employer will check during the probationary period or maybe already during the interview.

Example of CV in Word dokumentu you can find here:

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