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How to pass the exam? - A few practical tips

Preparing and taking exams can destabilize even the best students. However, nothing is comparable to the satisfaction that is felt after passing the exam, especially if the exam is passed with a high grade. In this text, we want to point out a few practical tips on how to pass the exam without too many difficulties.

Before exam:

  • Be careful in lectures and exercises. If you listen to the professor, you will better understand the material and in that way you will have much less work during the preparation of the exam, and your knowledge will be much longer. Each professor usually says during the lecture what is important and what should be paid special attention to. Set the phone and other play items aside during the lecture and try to be as focused as possible on the topic of conversation. Do not hesitate to ask questions during lectures and participate in discussions.
  • The first and basic rule before you start learning - you need to be well informed about the exam itself. What do you need? Where should it come from? What is important and what is less important? Usually the professor gives answers to these questions during the lecture. However, if you have not been regular at lectures and exercises, try to inform yourself with colleagues or go for consultations with professors with specific questions.
Attention to lectures will make it much easier for you to take the exam,
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  • Study with a colleague. Team up with someone who is in the same group as you, this can allow you to ask each other questions or explain to each other what is not clear. However, don't choose someone who will spend time fooling around and who will only distract you.
  • The night before the exam, prepare everything you need for the exam: pencils, eraser, paper, etc.
  • Be sure to eat something before the exam. If you are hungry, you will not be able to focus on work. Choose foods that are rich in protein and carbohydrates, so that you do not lose energy (yogurt, toast or omelet).

During the exam:

  • Prepare yourself morally for success. If you are convinced that you will pass the exam easily, you have a better chance of achieving your goal. Instead of saying to yourself, “There’s no way I’m going to pass! »,« How to pass the exam when everyone failed before me? ", You better say" Well, I'm taking it for sure, the only question is with what grade! ».
  • Try to be smiling before entering the exam room, even if you don't feel like laughing. Studies have shown that a smile is always good for morale.
  • Breathe deeply before and during the exam. This will relax you, because deep breathing increases the amount of oxygen in the lungs.
  • Before you start, read all the questions quickly. Take a minute or two to see the number of questions. That way, you will know what is required of you and you will be able to organize more easily. Also, you will avoid last minute surprises.
  • Read the questions carefully. You need to understand them before you answer. Read each question at least twice before answering.
  • If you feel nervous, answer the easier questions first to calm down and regain confidence.
Always be positive before taking the exam,
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  • Answer the first question. Don’t check your answer right away. If you often go back to change your answers, you may make a mistake due to a lack of self-confidence. In principle, if you are unsure about a question, it is very likely that the correct answer is the one that first "came to mind".
  • Pročitajte ponovo odgovore pre nego što predate rad. Pokušajte da ostavite malo vreme na kraju da biste proverili svoje odgovore. Nikada ne ostavljajte pitanje bez odgovora jer uvek možete pokušati da izvučete dodatne poene!

Try to convince yourself that this learning will benefit you later in your professional career. Although it may seem unlikely to you now that you will find job in the profession because you know many who do not have a job or get a job through a connection or through a political party, keep in mind that good professionals always find a job and are much more appreciated in the business world. It is not always easy, but if you are persistent, taking the exam will be easier for you. Lastly, and if you don’t pass the exam, don’t discourage! Look at it as a obstacle on the road to success!

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