Interkulturalis - IKU

Association Interkulturalis (IKU) was established to achieve goals in the field of intercultural education and cooperation between different cultures in social, environmental, political and economic terms.

IKU News

Ikunews is an internet portal for young people whose mission is to provide news and information related to education, intercultural education and cooperation, but also events in which young people are largely interested.

Our Projects

Our association implements, primarily projects in the field of intercultural education, cultural exchanges, youth exchanges, ecology, volunteering and Erasmus programs.

Our activities

Informal & non-formal education

Meet different culture, move, expand your horizons and engage in community. Gain new skills and advance your professional career.


We provide young people, students and future students with information related to college choice, education and career development in order to choose the best solution for their future professional life.


We provide news and information related to education and career advancement, but also information related to the lives of young people and events that could be of great interest to them.

Cultural Exchange

Engaging young people from different countries in international cultural exchange, helps to discover new opportunities, other cultures and learn foreign languages. Young people becomes global citizens.


We provide all interested young people with opportunities to take part in our activities and improve life in their local community.

Our team

The team of our organization consists of people with higher education, extensive work experience in working with young people, in education and entrepreneurship. All members of the organization are extremely motivated, with the belief that it is possible to make our society more open to others and different.

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