About us

Who are we?

Interkulturalis – IKU is a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit organization, founded in 2018 to achieve goals in the field of intercultural education and cooperation between different cultures in social, environmental, political and economic terms. Our goal is to increase intercultural competence, especially among young people, through education and implementation of various programs, to promote peace, respect for human rights and democratic freedom. In this way, intolerance in the region would be reduced, and thus the business climate would be improved. Interculturalis is a member of an international organization.

Activity and interests:

Following our mission, we set ourselves goals to:

  • Promotion of European integration, democracy, democratic values and the rule of law;
  • Integration of national minorities, marginalized groups, young people from rural or poor areas into the social system;
  • Introduction to international economic relations, business and entrepreneurship;
  • Professional orientation, first employment and career advancement;
  • Intercultural education and cultural exchange;
  • Promotion of volunteer actions;
  • Non-formal learning;
  • Promotion of environmental protection and healthy lifestyle;
  • Promotion of renewable energy sources.

Our Values


We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with each other, but we are also ready to listen to anyone who wants to express their opinion.


We make every effort to ensure that the realization of our projects and services is in the range of the highest quality.


We encourage everyone who wants to express their ideas as part of our goals, and take an active part.


We condemn all forms of discrimination, violence and hate speech, and we promote tolerance, respect for human rights and democratic culture.


We support researching new ideas and will be happy to share them with others.

Our partners

If you want to advertise on the portal www.ikunews.com, send a proposal for cooperation to: administrator@media.viralstorm.online

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