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Doctor of philological sciences

Danijel Živković, PhD

Daniel Zivkovic graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Novi Sad in 2003 and holds two masters degrees. His MBA, he obtained at the IFAG (ESFAM) at the University of Nantes in 2005, and he obtained his second master's degree at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade in 2010. He did his doctoral studies in joint guardianship with the Artois University in France, the research center Grammatica and the University of Belgrade. His doctoral dissertation, he argued in front of the International Commission at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade in 2016. He passed all exams with an average score of 9.75 / 10. So far, he has published several expert articles in journals and Proceedings of national and international symposia. He has professional experience since 2003, he has worked in many companies and he has international experience in management and negotiations. Since 2009, he teaches Business French at the Faculty of Law and Business Studies - FLV in Novi Sad and in Niš. In his previous work, he has shown interest in the fields of education and intercultural communication, professional communication and didactics for specific purposes. He is fluent in French and he has an intermediate level of English, Russian, Italian and Spanish.

Master of economy

Žana Živković

Žana Živković graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies - ASEM in Chisinau in 2003. She passed all exams with an average score of 9.26 / 10. Her MBA degree, she obtained at the Francophone Institute of IFAG (ESFAM) from the University of Nantes, in 2005. Since 2003, she has worked in several international companies and she acquired professional experience in the field of international trade, sales and trading. She currently works as an external associate for the French company Yopak and is in charge of international affairs between China, France and Bulgaria.

Master of Ecology

Nataša Gavrilović

Nataša Gavrilović completed her studies in biology at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics - PMF of the University of Niš in 2012. Her Master's degree in Environmental Protection, she graduated in 2015, also at the Faculty of Science and mathematics - PMF, University of Niš. She worked in plantations and as a professor of biology. In her previous work, she has shown an interest in protecting the environment, protecting the water, preserving the Medicinal Herbs of Stara Planina and preserving nature. She has an intermediate level of English and French.

Doctor of Economic Sciences

Ivana Božić Miljković, PhD

Dr Ivana Božić Miljković completed her studies at the Faculty of Economics of Niš in 1998. Her Master's degree in Economics, she graduated at University of Belgrade in 2003. In 2010, she defended her doctoral thesis entitled “The impact of globalization and regionalization on foreign trade of the Balkan countries "at the same faculty and she obtained the title of Doctor in Economics. Since 2000, she has worked in the banking sector, then at the faculty, she has taught the following subjects: the basics of economics, international economic relations, trade and finance of international trade, banking, management and economics in tourism. She also has international experience and commitment, she is a member of professional and scientific associations and she has participated in the organization of numerous national and international conferences and round tables. She is currently working at Singidunum University. She is the author of more than seventy scientific and professional articles published in national and international reference journals. The field of his scientific interest is international economic relations. She is fluent in English and has an intermediate level of French.

Master of Psychology

Kristina Radenković

Kristina Radenković completed her studies in psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy, the University of Niš in 2014 with an average of 9.36/10. Her Master's degree in Psychology, she acquired in 2017, also at the Faculty of Philosophy, the University of Niš, with the average of 9.87/10. As a psychologist, she worked at the Center for the Development of Child Therapy at the Medical Center of Niš and she organized various creative workshops. In addition, she participated in various projects and she was a volunteer at international conferences of applied psychology. She has an intermediate level of English.

Master of Economics and Businessman

Saša Petrović

Saša Petrović graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Niš in 1998. The Master's degree, the Chair of International Management, he completed in 2010, also at the Faculty of Economics, University of Niš. He has extensive experience working with non-governmental organizations and associations. He has been a partner and consultant to a Roma non-governmental organization that deals with the further education of young Roma and their integration into modern society. He is currently project manager for the non-governmental organization Azbuki. He participated in the training of Erasmus + and Tempus projects. He was an entrepreneur and he owned the restaurant DENIS and a bakery. He has also worked as a consultant, salesman and sales manager. He was the team member for the development of "business plans" and he helped design projects using the FRAMEWORK MATRIX method. He has many certificates and thanks for the participation to various conferences, including: certificate of the Austrian TRENKWALDER Academy in the field of the interest of the sales, thanks for the presentation and the participation in the conference "The secrets of the HR of the managers successful companies ", certificate" SWOT Learning and Consulting ", a successful training on Application Marketing Tools for Small and Medium Enterprises - Marketing Manager for Small and Medium Enterprises. He participated in the training in the field of Public Policies of the European Union organized by DEPOCEI. He speaks English fluently and has a good level of Bulgarian.

Doctor of philological sciences

Oana Pastae, PhD

She completed her studies at the Spiru Haret Faculty in Bucharest, Romania, in 2001. She completed her master's studies in 2005 at the University of Craiova, Romania, and in 2011, at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature in Bucharest, Romania, she defended her doctoral dissertation with a grade of Cum Laudae. She has had work experience since 2001, she has international engagement and experience, she is a member of professional and scientific associations, and she has participated in the organization of numerous forums, guest lectures and international conferences. She also has extensive experience in the NGO sector since 2003, including in the Erasmus + program. She was the coordinator of international youth exchange in Ankara, in 2005 and 2015 Youth Pass, Hope for Children, in Hungary. She is currently employed at the University of Targu Jiu, Romania, as a lecturer for French and English and holds a TEFL certificate issued by EUROPASS, Teachers' Academy, Florence, Italy (2017). She is the author of over seventy professional and scientific papers published in domestic and foreign reference journals. She is luent in English and French.

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