IKU - Interkulturalis

What is IKU and why was it founded?

IKU (Interkulturalis) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, founded in 2018 in order to achieve goals in the field of intercultural education and cooperation between different cultures in social, environmental, political and economic terms. Our goal is to increase intercultural competence, employability and entrepreneurship, especially of young people, through education and implementation of various programs, but also to promote peace, EU integration, respect for human rights and democratic freedom. In this way, intolerance in the region would be reduced, and thus the business climate would be improved. We are also interested in youth exchange, volunteering, non-formal learning, training and networking. IKU is a member of the international organization Youth Proactiv from Brussels. Our motto is MEET THE DIVERSITY!

What we do?


Organizing workshops, conferences, gatherings, campus, cultural events, tourist events, gastronomic events, music events for the purpose of intercultural education and cooperation between different cultures.


Strengthening international, cross-border and regional cooperation between young people from Europe, and especially the countries of the Western Balkans, in the field of economy, ecology, science, innovation and cultural cooperation as a key factor for socio-economic development.


Improving the work of state institutions and public policies of importance for the young population through partnerships with line ministries and local government


Promotion of European integration in order to foster stability, security and prosperity, democracy, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law as a basis for socio-economic development.


Promotion of tolerance, respect for human rights and democracy, as well as prevention of any discrimination and hate speech. Integration of young members of national minorities, migrants and other marginalized groups into the social system.


Representing our country and region, promoting tourist, natural, cultural and historical riches to other countries in order to strengthen international cooperation between Serbia and the region with other countries.

Market potential

Presenting the advantages and potentials of the market and economy to other countries in order to strengthen international economic relations with other countries.

Non-formal & informal learning

Increase the individual's general skills and enhance the ability and desire to take responsibility for their own life, as well as taking an active and engaged part in society.


Introducing young people to entrepreneurship, start-ups, international economic relations and negotiations in order to reduce youth unemployment but also improve careers.

Work with youth

Helping and encouraging young people during their professional orientation, increasing their knowledge and improving their skills in order to advance their careers and build a successful personal and professional life.


Encourage and activation of NEETs, national minorities, migrants, young people from rural areas and other marginalized groups to improve their economic status.

Critical thinking

Development, promotion and improvement of critical thinking of young people, use of argumentation, distancing from prejudices and recognition of manipulation and demagoguery.


Providing opportunities to anyone interested in volunteer activities for the purpose of solidarity and improvement of life in the local community, but also personal development, learning and skills improvement.


Connecting young people from different backgrounds through gatherings, campus, various events and trips in order to develop intercultural awareness, as well as networking and cooperation between related organizations on Erasmus projects.

Environment protection

Raise the awareness of our community and young people about the importance of environmental protection, recycling and the fight against pollution, uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources and illegal landfills.

Renewable energy

Promotion of renewable energy sources, which aims to improve and raise awareness of the rational use of energy and environmental protection through the promotion of the concept of energy efficiency.

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