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Studentski rečnik

Student Dictionary

The student dictionary is intended primarily for students at the beginning of their studies in order to get acquainted with the terms that are often encountered during their studies. It can, of course, serve everyone else to get acquainted with some terms from student life. A Faculty Accreditation - A verification process by which the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development checks whether a particular educational institution or…

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Scholarships for mobility of students from Serbia

There are a large number of scholarships available to students in Serbia, but information does not reach all those interested. It only takes a little effort and "google search" and you can find a large number of interesting scholarships from all domains. Many scholarships will also provide you with great opportunities to travel and get to know different cultures. We will be here…

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Writing an application - what do you need to know?

Writing an application is a way for individuals or legal entities to address institutions, state bodies or some other person in office. This is extremely important in business correspondence. The most important thing in the application is to write your data and what you want. Although for some this is just a mere formality, many believe that it can be written either…

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Naučni rad

How to write a scientific paper?

Books and books have been written about what a scientific paper should look like and about the techniques of writing a scientific paper. Our goal in this text is to outline the basic characteristics that should be taken into account when writing. Scientific paper is a report on the original results of research, which contributes to the understanding of a problem or provides a different…

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College selection - a nightmare for parents

Choosing a college, entrance exam and professional future of children after high school or high school are a great challenge for every parent. Professional orientation and conversations about choosing a faculty create anxiety and fear of making the wrong choice. In addition, the period when our education system requires such an important decision is the period of transition from adolescence to adulthood. …

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