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IKU News

Ikunews is an internet portal whose mission is to provide news and information that are largely of interest to young people, especially students, future students or those who are at the beginning of their careers.

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Useful tips for choosing a study program, for successful study and for overcoming difficulties during the educational cycle.

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Information and events that students and young people are interested in.

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Helping young people find their first job and build a career.

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The source of information

Portal Ikunews takes care that all data comes from official and verified sources. The basis for descriptions of educational profiles is information from the official websites of faculties and universities in Serbia, as well as the National Employment Service. The photographs used are provided by the institutions, downloaded from the internet or from the internal archive. The presented logos, trademarks, coats of arms and similar symbols are the property of the respective institutions or organizations and are used exclusively for the purpose of informing the public. All authorized representatives of the institutions represented in the database can request a change or correction of information about their institutions by contacting us at

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