Projekti koji su realizovani

Meet another and different

Duration: 3 months Period: October 15 - December 15, 2019 Project value: 150,000.00 din Partners: Palilula City Municipality Main goal of the project: Promoting acceptance of the "Other" and different in order to overcome racism, xenophobia, hate speech, discrimination and intolerance as the basis of a modern and democratic society, but also the improvement of business relations with foreign partners. Other project objectives: To determine…

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French is also the language of business

Duration: 9 months Period: February 15 - October 30, 2019 Partners: French Institute in Serbia, French Embassy in Serbia Main strategic goal of the project: To show, mainly to students, teachers, but also business people, that knowledge of French is necessary for entering the francophone market, but also for looking for a job. Other project objectives: Examine areas where…

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