Naziv projekta

If you love your country, don't pollute it!

Duration: 10 months

Period: March 15 - December 15, 2020

Partners Municipality of Palilula

The main strategic objective of the project:

Raise the awareness of our community, and above all young people and children about the importance of nature conservation and the fight against pollution of our environment.

Other project objectives:

  • Determine the level of awareness of the importance of preserving the nature of our local community;
  • Indicate the importance of environmental protection and the danger of pollution;
  • Show young people what they could do about it;
  • Draw the attention of local authorities to stricter sanctions for unscrupulous citizens;
  • Present to the local community the benefits they would have from nature conservation in the future.

Brief description:

Environmental protection is one of the most important activities today. Therefore, in the strategic planning of the 2030 Agenda, one of the priorities of the Republic of Serbia is precisely the protection of the environment. However, according to previous research, observations, and in conversations with young people, children and adults, it can be concluded that the residents of our local community are not sufficiently aware of the importance of environmental protection and the fight against pollution. In addition, very little is being done to preserve it, while a number are being deliberately destroyed. Proof of that are the illegal landfills in the memorial park "Bubanj", garbage in the settlements, stray dogs, broken trees near the school in Pasi Poljana, etc. Although there are legal regulations to sanction such irresponsible behavior, perpetrators are rarely caught in the act and punished.

Accordingly, we believe that it is much more effective to educate the population through texts on social networks and portals, various workshops and forums. Since raising awareness and culture, as well as changing the way of behavior is not something that is solved at the moment, but it is necessary to change attitudes generationally, it is extremely important to start with education from the earliest age. Because of all this, our goal is to start educating children from the earliest ages suitable for understanding this issue through workshops and in that way try to instill in them a sense of environmental protection and the fight against pollution. We also want to draw young people's attention to the dangers of reckless behavior and the destruction of nature through presentations. We expect that through education we will raise awareness of this issue in one part of our local community, and that they will continue to influence others. See also the article If you love your country, don't pollute it!

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