Kako doći do prvog posla

How to get the first job?

As paradoxical as it may seem, but the period after graduating from college is not at all easy. Most graduates wonder how to get their first job? In this text, we give you some useful tips that may be helpful.

The moment you finish college, you're at a new beginning, at the beginning of your career. College education has given you solid theoretical knowledge that now needs to be upgraded with other knowledge. In any case, it is very important to remain optimistic and have goals in life and you will surely get your first job.

I finally finished college and what now?

Most graduates ask themselves these questions: What after graduating from college?, How to get the first job? Many feel extremely depressed during this period. After a lot of effort, a lot of energy and a lot of money, we have reason to wonder "why all this?"It seems to us that we are not getting adequate satisfaction in proportion to the investments we have had. Of course, unless you are very lucky (you have very strong connection) so that you immediately get a job adequate to your profession.

Finding a job for a newly graduated student is not at all easy. The opportunities are very few, the competition is fierce, and the expectations of employers are high. You often feel like you are in a vicious circle - you need work experience to get a job, and you can't gain work experience if you don't get a job.. But don't despair! The reward for the effort comes later! It takes time to see the results of your work. Yet many employers have confirmed that there are many things to do to increase your chances of finding a job.

Prvi posao
It takes a lot of time and effort to get the job you want,
photo: pxfuel.com

How to gain at least some experience?

For a start, you can apply and volunteer in an organization. That way, you can gain some first-hand experience. Also, you can easily prove to your employer that your two summer internships and three part-time jobs during your studies worth at least a year of business experience. Do not choose a job according to the amount of salary, but according to whether it can enable you to gain work experience, whether you will work in the profession, whether you have opportunities to improve your competencies… This job will mean much more for your career. in a job where you would do something completely different from what you were trained for.

Don't wait!

Don’t just rely on job ads and job fairs. Go directly to the company, look for a director or someone from human resources, show initiative, most employers appreciate that. They may not need your profile right now, but if you made a good impression, they might put you in a database and call you back later. You are looking to be connected to someone from the company you plan to apply for. Try to reach someone who is in a position and able to help you. Visit the company's websites regularly. Many companies have employment sites on their websites.

Profil na Linkedin-u
Prepare your Linkedin profile well, photo: Flickr.com

Social networks are a miracle

Use social networks like Linkedin. Try to connect online with people whose recommendation would mean something to you and ask them to write it for you. This is a network for serious business people (even if it is designed that way), create a detailed profile for yourself and try to look as representative as possible. Many employers check the profiles of potential candidates. You can make a blog and write about what you are an expert at. In IT time this is a great reference for you.

CV and Cover letter

Do not use the same CV and Cover letter for each job, changing only the company data, because the employer will certainly notice that. Prepare carefully CV and write separately Cover letter tailored to the position and company you are applying for.

Emphasize what you can do for the company or institution, carefully arguing how you will do it. For example, if you state that you can help a company present a new product or new service, argue that. For example, you can say that during your studies you prepared a presentation of a product, that you have already done various promotions on social networks, etc. Therefore, you can use this knowledge to promote a new product or service. Suggest to the employer, if he is interested, that you can prepare a test presentation and convince him of your abilities.

Pažljivo sastavite CV
Compose your CV carefully, photo: pxfuel.com

Make a good impression

Try to make a good impression by working on your personality. Show that you are capable of adapting to different situations and that you are a team player, again arguing all that with facts. Surely during your studies or volunteering you were in a situation to work on a joint project where you had to adapt to new situations and work in a team.

Work on yourself

Although you were on who knows how much job interview and you still haven't got a job. Don't despair! Most business people and the world's greatest experts have gone through the same situation. You may need to work on yourself a little more. Analyze your qualities and your competencies. Perfect your work on a computer or a program. Tell an employer that you can improve your business using modern applications or social networks.

Learn some more foreign language! You already know solid English! Great, but that's not enough! First of all, many others who will apply for the same position speak good English. Secondly English language only covers 1/4 of the European market. Maybe the company you are applying for imports material from Italy, participates in fairs in Germany, and plans to expand the market in North Africa (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia), so it needs people who also speak French, Italian or German.

Even better, maybe you could present the idea of expanding your business in some new markets because you have already mastered some of these languages, you know principles of international business and international law. Such attitudes will be of great interest to every employer. If you don't know all this, it might be a good idea to work on it a little more. Try to connect it all with what you already know and what you were educated for.

After graduating from college, you are at a new beginning. At the beginning of your career. College education has given you solid theoretical knowledge that now needs to be upgraded with other knowledge. In any case, it is very important to remain optimistic and have goals in life and you will surely get your first job.

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